Cool Android Fitness Apps

Health plays an important part in life and it must never be compromised no matter what. Smart phones offer flexibility and keep a good track of your fitness and health. Google Play can provide a lot of handy apps which are specifically designed for the health conscious people. You can download good fitness apps on your android smart phone and stay fit. The following are 5 cool android fitness apps which the fitness freaks must download on their phones.


  1. Zombies run!- running is the perfect exercise for fitness and good health. the Zombies Run! App will motivate you to run for a fit and healthy body. This app has features like radio messages, voice recordings etc. The app creates the perfect scenario just like when you are being chased by zombies. This offers you an opportunity of targeting your fear of zombies to employ in your life and run every day to stay fit and healthy. This cool app will provide you the encouragement you need to run miles and miles.


  1. MapMyRide+- MapMyRide+ is a great android app which combines GPS and Google Maps and turns your smart phone into a cycling computer. When you install this app in your smart phone, you can easily record your route, distance, time, speed and the calories you burn during a cycling session.
  2. SleepBot- this app provides a simple sleep tracking solution. It can track your sleep durayion, how often you wake during your sleep, the number of times you move in your sleep and many other things. SleepBot is embedded with alarms, and helps you wake up during your power naps.
  3. Instant heart rate pro- This smart phone app enables you to measure your heart rate conveniently. This cool android app will measure your heart rate and maintain a track of your previous recordings. If you want to use this app all you have to do is just place the tip of your index finger against your phone camera and the app will track the changes in your finger colr which is directly linked to pulse rate.
  4. Run keeper- if you like cycling, hiking, walking, running, biking etc. then the must have app for you is the Run Keeper. This app has features such as stats, progress reports, audio coaching etc. It will also keep you motivated throughout your workout. When you have this app installed in your android smart phone you can also choose to share your activities, achievements and training plans with your friends and family and relatives during social networking sites such as twitter and facebook.
  5. Abs Workout- Another good android fitness app which enables you to schedule your ab workout every day. When you have installed this app in your android smart phone, you must go to the gym. Its advanced high quality voice feature makes it a must have fitness app for all those who plan to do daily ab workouts.

These are just a few fitness apps for android smart phone users. These apps will serve as great tools for your fitness. Download them now and walk towards a fit and healthy life.