Cool facts on Mars – Can you think of building a future habitat?


Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the solar system, has always been a point of discussion for the explorers of space throughout the world. Space researchers have sent dozens of spacecraft to study about the space and some have even wanted to land astronauts on it. The planet Mars is just a bit too far away to make that dream seem to be difficult but pretty close enough to give wings to our imagination. So, what are some of the coolest facts on this Red Planet, Mars? If you’re not aware of them, take a look at some interesting information on Mars.

  • There was water present in Mars previously
  • : Researchers have been debating for centuries now about the presence of water on Mars. Astronomer, Percival Lowell gave us some misinterpreted observations of ‘canali’ which was due to some optical error in his telescope. The canals that he spoke of were nothing but optical illusions. With that said, there are several other spacecraft which spotted different signs of ancient water; there were some channels in the rocks which could only be formed due to water.

  • There’s frozen water in Mars today
  • : People are extremely interested in water as the presence of water implies habitability. As we know, life can only exist due to water and hence there’s always a curiosity about water. Just because the atmosphere of Mars is thin, water can’t flow freely from one place to another or remain in large quantities but space researchers are sure that there is ice at the poles. The doubt is whether or not the ice is capable of melting enough water which is long enough to support any human beings.

  • There was a thicker atmosphere previously
  • : If the Red Planet wants water to flow from one place to another, Mars needs more atmosphere. What has changed in the last few billion years? It has been thought that the energy of the sun which strikes the atmosphere should have stripped the lighter forms of hydrogen and have scattered those molecules into space. As time passed, this lessened the amount of atmosphere near Mars and this made it appear thinner than before.

  • There are 2 moons for Mars and one of them is doomed
  • : This planet has 2 asteroid-like moons which are named Deimos and Phobos. The compositions are similar to that of asteroids which are found elsewhere in the solar system and the NASA scientists believe that the gravity of the Red Planet eliminated the moons long ago and forced them to remain in the orbit. Phobos is probably going to crash into the surface of Mars and rip apart due to the tidal force of this planet.

Are you someone looking for something cool to learn about? Take into account the interesting facts on Mars and discuss them with people who don’t know much about this planet. Do you think Mars can ever become the second Earth for the living beings?