Essential Apps and Softwares for Millennial Writers


Which is the current behavior or practice of the writers these days? Do most of them start writing by jotting down their ideas on their notes, or do they begin by directly typing their thoughts on their computers? A safe guess will be, most of you start writing by typing it on your computers, right?

The nature of the millennial readers is way too different from the usual hardbound book readers. Hence, websites are now compelled to produce content at a consistent pace without sacrificing quality.

Fortunately, this means more jobs for us! And here we are, happy to help the writers of the new age. Throughout this article, we will share with you some awesome apps to maximize your productivity and to ensure your rockstar quality as a writer in this millennia.

Google Docs

Google Docs is part of GSuite. It is an app that can be utilized to collaborate with other writers and editors. Some of its notable features are viewing the edit history done by your proofreader to review and compare the changes which contribute to your improvement.

Writers can take advantage of the generous Google Drive cloud storage to back up their writing, notes, reference files, picture, writing drafts, and more. And, what’s great about this is its mobility. You can use it as your writing on the go and update your Google docs using the mobile app.


Due to the birth of grammar nazis, people from all walks of life use this application to prevent their blog posts, research papers, legal documents, business proposals, etc. to have typos, grammatical errors, and spelling mistakes.

Grammarly word count might not be available yet. Still, it has amazing features that can help improve your writing skills, which you can take advantage of when you have a premium account. However, even if you haven’t bought the premium, it is still a valuable tool for new writers.

For regular accounts, you can always set the goals of your article like its audience, tone, formality, domain, and tone, which is a great help. While writing, it also updates the word count in real-time and provides prompt corrections on the grammar lapses. Grammarly also grades the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of your article, be sure to look out for a grammarly discount if you want to try it out.

IA Writer

IA Writer is for those writers who create short blog posts and articles. This writing app for iPad, iPhone, and Mac comes with the Focus Mode feature that keeps the user from any distractions.

What makes this unique among writing tools is that it has a full-screen mode that highlights the line you are currently typing and fades out everything else on the document. It is an easy favorite for those who want to maximize their concentration and to keep their creative train of thought running.

The developers must have targeted the fiction writers as the intended users. IA writer has its simple yet elegant interface. It’s an exquisite, straightforward word processor, and it syncs all of your writing across all of your devices. 


We can use it to record ideas that came up spontaneously. Writing down notes quickly when thoughts come to you is a brilliant method for catching occasional moments of inspiration just as running over the writer’s block. So this is unquestionably a note-taking application worth trying.

You can also save new articles that you want to read later. Writing prompts that you can get back anytime when you’re back in the mood of continuing it. Just stash it into the Evernote and add it as a part of your swipe file using the mobile app.

This writing tool also has a few different highlights worth exploring. For example, transcription mode will effectively enable you to translate your voice notes as content, integration, team collaboration, and more.


iMindMap is primarily used to create mind maps for articles and book chapters. This writing app enables us to finish pieces expeditely. It is highly recommended to do outlining as an integral part of the writing process for non-fiction writers who want to maximize their daily word-count. This tool is more of a thought organizer that makes you follow what you have mapped out before.

This approach works particularly well if you then dictate your mindmaps as articles. With this platform, you’ll never get lost in the middle of the book when you were overwhelmed with overflowing ideas. iMindMap is considered the most advanced mind mapping tool available today, but cheap alternatives include MindNode and MindMeister.


What a blessing to have these tools! Writing is getting easy from time to time since our software developers are steadfast towards creating aid to proliferate wholesome content in this information age.

You may have these apps right there in computers; however, it can never compensate for an individual’s writing skills. You should not forget to grow as a person and absorb more knowledge about various aspects of life, for your life experiences are your secret weapons to become a respected writer.