Four Important Skills to Master that Will Get You Hired


Finding a job in this age can be very difficult. Even though you are graduated with flying marks from a prestigious university, it is still not a guarantee that you can land a job easily. Turns out, there are some particular skills employers are looking for from the job candidates. If you are currently looking for a job, make sure to master these skills so the employers will not hesitate to hire you.


Companies want to hire employees that have excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skill. Many people think that communication skill is only important for those working in marketing, purchasing or customer service department. But the truth is, even though the job doesn’t require you to meet and talk with buyers or clients, flawless communication skill is still crucial because you will still have to talk with your colleagues or make a presentation in front of your boss. To make you more attractive in front of the employers, learning some foreign languages also can be a great idea.

Database Management and Analysis

Nowadays, the database is the backbone of a company. It will make communications between departments more effective and also reduce the amount of time you spend to manage every data related to your business. So, no matter what position you apply in the office, possessing database management and analysis skill is very important.

To give you an advantage over the other job candidates, it is best if you also learn database related programming software or even programming languages like SQL. This skill will help you do your job more efficiently and you can access and process important data anytime you want.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skill

Just because you are not a manager it doesn’t mean that your job will not involve any decision making. There are times or situations when you have to immediately make the right decision without consulting to the higher-ups first. In this case, you will need to possess critical thinking and problem-solving skill. You are required to show your creativity in analyzing a problem and figuring out the best solutions.

During the interview process, the employer might test your critical thinking and problem-solving skill. Even if you are not experienced or you are not graduated from a top university, you can still get hired if you show a great potential in these two important skills.

Team Work and Leadership

In an office, you are not working alone. You have to work together not only with the people in your department, but also the other employees of the other departments. It means teamwork is one of the most important things in a workplace. You must be able to show on your resume that you have plenty of experiences working as a team.

It is also very important to possess great leadership skill. Leadership skill is not always about leading a team. It is also about leading yourself and make sure you do all your jobs well so you will not become a liability for your team.