HomeLane Raises $ 4.5 M in Series A funding

What Does HomeLane Do?

HomeLane, is India’s Bangalore based, technology led home solutions startup. HomeLane helps property owners furnish and install fixtures in their apartments and homes. This technology led home solutions startup was launched 6 months ago in Bengaluru.

How Much HomeLane funded?

After many years of dormant growth, housing market in India is all set up for a recovery which might provide fresh opportunities for new startups. One such startup is HomeLane, Which just raised a $4.5 million in Series A funding from the investor Sequoia Capital and Aarin Capital.


What is next of HomeLane?

This technology led home solutions start up is going to use this funding to expand its market in 10 new cities and improve its technology and for marketing its services everywhere.

This 8 month old startup competes with other furniture sellers online, however this startup differs from its competitors by offering a one stop shopping experience for different products and provides a guarantee of on time delivery and post sale services to assist the home owners complete projects.

More about HomeLane

HomeLane is India’s leading integrate interior designer and manufacturing provider. It was found by Srikanth Iyer and Rama Harinath in 2014. It is a leading interior designing company with more than a 1000 projects delivered across India. It helps the customers build their dream houses. It offers customers personalized design services at no additional cost. HomeLane’s team of experienced interior designers work with their customers to design the house.


Property owners can upload their floor plan on the HomeLane website which are then reviewed by HomeLane’s interior designers. The experts then provide suggestions, quotations and pictures of how the fixtures will look after installation.

HomeLane works with some startups and  real estate companies to search for customers. Founders of HomeLane claim that their startup is at present growing  hundred percent every month and is set to achieve  2 million USD monthly by middle of 2015.