How to Make Some Money during Studying at College


Taking a college degree course is not an easy thing to do or accomplish, especially if an average student has a lesser capacity to pay for their tuition fees when they enter tertiary education level. Not all average college students are able to graduate because some are not lucky to have their parents to financially support them to pay for their tuition fees as well as to provide daily allowance. Thus, college students need have to immediately find several part-time jobs such as waiters at restaurants or offering some paid help to classmates that gain another extra income to pay for their expensive tuition fees.

Applying for scholarships and grants

As an average student, there are different ways or tips on how to make money while studying at college to pay for their tuition fees.  Applying for scholarships and grants are some of the most common ways to exempt an average college student from paying their full tuition fees. It is advised that approaching legislators, foundations, and companies that provide tuition fee grants from first year in college until graduation. At school, a college student who excels academically is given tuition fee discount or even free tuition fee for the whole semester if they attain the recommended the total weighted average in a certain curriculum period.

Class notes selling

As a college student, class notes selling is another tip to make money while studying. This is especially when you consistently gain a very high score in every assignment, quizzes, and examinations from each subject. For instance, you can photocopy your class notes to your classmates so that you can still keep your own class notes.

Paid help in writing and proofreading

If your classmates begin to show their trust and appraisal to your academic performances, they eventually can start offering you to write their essays. And when you gain the trust of your classmates, you may start offering ‘write me an essay‘ services to help your peers so they can achieve higher scores like what you achieved in every class exercise. Creating essays, thesis, dissertations, custom papers, and assignments are just some of the services that can generate a significant amount of revenues aside from the salaries gained from part-time jobs after school hours.


Tutoring is another tip to gain money while studying in college. Offering your classmates with a series of remedial classes will help you gain more alternative income that can sustain your financial struggle as a college student. Correcting mistakes and demonstrating the proper lesson plan to your classmates after school hours is an example on how to properly tutor them to achieve a higher grade in a certain subject.

Offering others what you can do

You can also offer random individuals on what you can do based on your past experiences and skills in a particular field of interest. Examples are organizing events, cleaning, baby-sitting, hosting events, catering, doing make-up services, or teaching dance steps to your colleagues and their relatives. In this way, you can expand your skill into a whole new level that can generate a significant amount of money to pay for your tuition fee and increasing your allowance.

A part-time job

Finding a part-time job is an important tip if you are very serious on how to make money as an average college. The easiest way is to go to the library and use the computers to search for available jobs near your school’s location. Finding a job that accepts part-timers are important so that you will not suffer from conflicting schedules between your class and working hours. Buying classified ads magazine and newspaper is a good idea to locate the classified ads section to look for companies that are now accepting new applicants to fill several positions for part-time student workers. Examples are factory worker, food salesman, waiter, customer service representative, gardener, sales agent, or encoder that can make money while studying in college. All you have to do is to submit your application letter and resume.

Video blogging

There are college students who became video bloggers that are making money during studying at college. You can upload your personalized videos to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and social media websites. To generate money from these websites, you need to activate the monetization program so that you will start earning money from your videos. You should gain more subscribers in each of social media channels to gain more money while studying in college. You can start your own website blog and embed your video that replicates revenues that are similarly done by video blogging college students. If you gained at least hundreds of thousands of subscribers, the chance of gaining thousands of dollars’ worth of revenue on a monthly basis is a big possibility that can pay your tuition while studying in college.