iMovie – Video Editing App for iOS, Mac & PC or Best Alternatives

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There has been a rapid increase in the number of Mac owners in the past few years. Most of us own a Mac computer as it is a great alternative to Windows. We love to install various apps on it. One of the most essential apps that everyone wants to have on their computer is a video or a movie maker, so that they can add their own animations, texts, effects and much more to their favorite videos. iMovie is one such video editing app. This app is owned by Apple which comes pre-installed in all Mac devices. Although Apple devices comes with the most powerful camera which is capable of capturing great shots but the real fun lies in modifying the videos and photos by adding different effects and animations, and iMovie is a perfect tool for doing that.


Where to get iMovie App?

iMovie app either comes pre-installed on your Mac, or you can download it from the iTunes store by paying a price of around $10. This powerful app offers additional features in its desktop version in comparison to that available on its mobile version for iPhone. You can edit your videos and photos and make a great movie out of it.

Is it better than Other Video Editing Apps?

Since iMovie is owned and developed by Apple itself, it is definitely works better on a Mac computer than any other video editing app. iMovie is developed in such a way so that it can perfectly and fully integrate with the Mac. And if your pictures are taken from an iPhone with its latest features which include a 3D support, playing 1080p HD videos at 60 frames persecond and 4K video footage of ultra high definition, then iMovie can do wonders with it and you can make a movie out of it which would be no less than a Hollywood blockbuster. Most other apps cannot make full use of such amazing features and hence iMovie is an ideal app for making the most out of the amazing features which comes with a Mac or an iPhone. When you have to download iMovie PC version, you can get it through Bluestacks.

What are the other Features of iMovie?

The iMovie app is fully loaded with many exciting features. It has many unique themes through which you add transitions, music and matching tiles to your video as well as your pictures. You do not even have to worry about cohesive design. You can either add music from your own collection on the device or add some built-in tunes and sound-effects that comes with the app. It has got an iMovie theatre through which you can access your videos from the iCloud or even the Apple TV. It also provides the option to share your newly created movies on Facebook and Vimeo with your friends. You can even shoot a video from inside the app itself.

Hence we can conclude that iMovie is a great video editing app from Apple if not the best of all. iMovie’s amazing features coupled with its ability to perfectly utilize all the amazing features which a Mac and an iPhone possesses makes it an ideal app for users. So, install the app today and experience the fun of editing videos.

Best Alternatives for iMovie for PC

Here, you can find best alternatives to iMovie for PC.

1.      Magix Movie Edit Pro 18

2.      Final Cut Pro X

3.      iMotion HD

4.      Windows Live Movie Maker

5.      Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

6.      Videolicious

7.      Adobe Premiere Elements 10

8.      Camtasia Studio

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