Improving the platform for legal recruitment, the Vahura


Hiring is the most recent and trendy sector to startup as a huge population in our country is unemployed and very few people are there to regulate the market. When you visit most job portals, you see most job listings are from technology sector or BPOs. Jobs listing for some other niche sectors are very few. This is where Lee Ignatius and Ritvik Lukose come in. They are doing their best to help companies find genuine talent. They both have started a flagship brand “Vahura” that helps in legal employment and authorized consulting.

How it works?

A client forwards his requirements for a professional profile, which could comprise legal head or a partner for a company. Once they meet up with the client and get the idea for the kind of position the client is looking for, they start hunting for the accurate candidate. They assess potential candidates and choose them. Vahura specializes in seeking talent for top positions in the organization.

Ritvik claims that they have been on the rise at more than 20 %, YoY. Each year around 200 people get positioned in senior roles in a number of firms. More than 100 people register in the website per month. Their client base comprises of 18 of the BSE 30 and a few VC and law firms within India as well as abroad.