INSTANT 2.0 is on Google play store – Application which tracks your mobile usage and more.

What does INSTANT2.0 Do?

INSTANT launched its new version on android store which allows the user to track the daily usage of their mobile handset, fitness time and travel. Instant is a life logging tool which runs in the backend, tracking how much time you spend on your device every day, how much you walk, how much you travel and others.

Why do we need INSTANT2.0?

People who are passionate of using mobile apps to discover more about themselves, their daily habits, made them to use variety of applications. But usage of many apps for a single task is troublesome. With the new features available on INSTANT 2.0, users can track almost everything they wanted to record, phone usage, app usage, fitness activity and traveling.

More about INSTANT2.0?

The application allows you to track your phone unlocks, set daily limits of using mobile phones. Built-in performance analytics allow the user to set tasks and monitor their performance for better living and lifestyle.

What made INSTANT stand out from others?

The latest release from the developer allows you to track virtually anything. From wellness to event to wellbeing like how much time you spend in a meeting, doing exercise, driving, and also the time you spent on the social media sites like face book and let you know.