Keeping Your Family Safe With Tracking Apps And Devices

When you become a parent, keeping your family safe and sound becomes a constant thought. If your daughter is out with her friends or if your son is out playing ball with his friends or if your children are at a sleepover, you constantly worry. You wish to know whether they are safe while playing or roaming. Earlier, it used to be difficult to keep track of one and all but in today’s world, keeping track of your family members is easier than ever. There are many devices and apps that are used for tracking and these are easily available Such as those are the GeoSettr GPS devices, proven to be long-lasting and durable. They also reviewed some of the best handheld GPS devices in the market today to help you find the perfect GPS device for you and your family.. There are several services and devices that you can take advantage of but you should do that after discussing the merits of keeping in touch with each other in your family.

Tracking apps

Cell phone tracking apps are a dime a dozen these days. However, not all of them are reliable. For example, the iOS platform is famously stringent on what it allows apps to track on a user’s device. Apps that make extravagant promises are likely to either be fake or require your device to be jailbroken, something which the average consumer will not want to bother with. Even if you opt to have your device jail broken there is no guarantee that it will work. In fact, you could be left with a device that has no warranty once you opt to jail break it.

With that said, there are several fantastic apps that work exactly as advertised. For families, the most famous and popular one by a large margin is Family Locator by Life360. The app has been around for several years and has millions of users from all around the world. Over the years, it has grown in features, becoming the default tracking app for families worldwide.

At the core of Family Locator are the so-called “Circles”, groups of family members. Everyone in a Circle can chat with each other and receive real-time alerts whenever a member leaves or arrives in specified locations. A private map also allows you to check the location of your family members in real time.

Recently, the app also added a feature called Crash Detection. This allows users to track their family members whenever they are driving and check stats such as speed. Furthermore, the app can detect car accidents. A member of customer support will attempt to call the person perceived to be in a car accident and will also call emergency services if needed.

Essentially, Family Locator acts like a private social network for families with a host of features that makes parents’ lives significantly easier. The app itself is free to use but there are several premium features such as unlimited geofencing locations and 24/7 access to an advisor.

Tracking devices

For families with younger kids, cell phone tracking apps may not be sufficient. After all, not everyone allows their children to own mobile devices until they reach a certain age. In these cases, you can turn your attention to the rising wearables market instead.

Here, you will find numerous options that will fill specific needs. For example, you might prefer to acquire a watch that also acts as a GPS locator. This will allow your kid to have an extra accessory and with something like the hereO – which is advertised as the first GPS watch for kids, you can make sure that the watch will never be removed via the tapering alert feature.

Alternatively, you might wish to consider a tracking device that you can simply drop in your children’s backpacks. This will ensure that the device is hidden and that your children will not forget to wear it as it will simply remain with them throughout the day.

A good example of such a device is Weenect. The app can track location via a real-time map, a compass, and a radar for distance-counting. It has a seven-day battery life and is one of the most accurate tracking devices you could hope to acquire. Moreover, it allows you to set up geofenced safety zones so you can rest easy by knowing that your kid is always safe. If you kid ventures out of the safety zone you will immediately know as you will be notified and you can take necessary action.

The only thing to keep in mind here is the cost. Many of these devices, such as the hereO, operate via a SIM card. This means you will have an additional monthly cost on top of the initial purchase which you should take into account. There are various other devices similar to the ones mentioned above. If you do an internet search for tracking devices you will find many and the price range may also vary. Do a thorough due diligence before selecting a device because it is for the safety of your child.