Khosla Labs to launch Aadhaar Hackathon to shape the upcoming digital identity

Khosla Labs, which was launched by Srikanth Nadhamuni and Vinod Khosla in the year 2012 as an innovation lab, focuses on solving large scale issues which is driven by technology and industrial zeal. The Aadhaar hackathon is scheduled to launch on 10th-11th January at Khosla Labs in Bangalore. The hackathon aims at creating awareness in the midst of developers regarding digital identity and how to create solutions on top of Aadhaar.

The Hackathon will start on with a demonstration of creating an Aadhaar verification application for Android, from beginning to end. After this, the participants have to form teams, ideate and begin work on the apps. Khosla Labs will offer necessary biometric devices for all the developers to create and test their app, for the period of the Hackathon. This event will be sponsored by Angel Prime, UIDAI and NASSCOM.

The participants will offered the following facilities-

  •         Biometric devices
  •         SDK for Windows Desktop
  •         SDK for Android
  •         AUA / KUA services for accessing Aadhaar
  •         Aadhaar Gateway SDK
  •         Shared Internet connection

Participants will have to carry their own laptops for programming together with OTG-enabled Smartphone for testing. The developers need to make sure that the laptop has pre-installed Java 1.7 SDK so that they can use the Aadhaar Gateway SDK.

Khosla Labs also declared their partnership with Unitus Seed Fund to offer a platform to guide and support all the startups who are interested in creating Aadhaar-powered apps.