Is it possible to dress well and to look elegant with quality clothes at low prices? Yes, even if there are many misconceptions around this idea. For example, you must have heard countless times that cheap clothes are incompatible with a stylish outfit or that being well dressed can be expensive. Well, you will soon give up on these misconceptions as we are about to share with you few tips on how you can have style at a lower cost.

1.Do not let the prices fool you

Firstly, the difference between a woman dressed good and a woman dressed bad is not defined by the price of the clothes but rather by their design and how the accessories are well combined with the outfit. Instead of buying leather jacket for £500 at Gucci you can go for TK Maxx where they offer latest discounts and you can get a similar jacket for around £70. If you have little available time, you will find shops in town or on the internet with gorgeous quality clothes for every budget. So, cheap does not always mean bad or poor quality.

2. Discounts

Many stores (whether it is online or not) offer incredible discounts for outfits that will make you glow. For example, if you are after some high-top trainers like Timberland, TK Maxx sells them for no more than £49.99. Similar to TK Maxx, ASOS can offer discounts on various clothes and brands up to 80% and the quality is spot-on.With a bit of patience and search, you can pick up the right outfit or shoes without spending your entire salary.

3. Do not be obsessed with brands

Much of the price of an outfit goes for the brand: to the creator of it and to the store that sells it. But good quality clothes do not necessarily have to represent a brand. Although nobody argues the fact that most of the brand clothes are of a great quality, let’s not forget that they are not always perfect. There are some designs that do not necessarily put in light your physical qualities. Not to mention the textures which are not always the best.What should help you decide on which outfit will make you shine is the model, colour, quality and how much it represents your personal style.

4.Personal style

Speaking of style, nothing makes a woman/man more attractive or classy than having a style which matches her/his personality. What it is in trend this year, might not suit or represent you. Punk, classic, chic or vintage they all can be stylish and cool if you know how to carry them.

5.Combine the colours and accessories

Do not exaggerate with the colours and accessories as you do not want to look like a clown. Wear a simple outfit, two or three colours, look in the mirror and check what accessory would complete it. It does not have to be a fussy expensive accessory. Whatever you have in your jewellery box can be perfect if you know when and how to wear it. The classical accessory is the belt which is a perfect decoration for your skirt, maxi dress or long jumper.   Secondly, do not wear colours which put you in disadvantage. You should choose the colour that beautifully puts in evidence your silhouette, depending on the textile of your clothing. If the textile is not the best quality, avoid wearing brown, olive or red and choose instead white, black or yellow.


Whether it is a skirt, jumper or shirt, it will always look chic and special if you tailor it. Besides, with a few extra buttons or ornaments here and there, your clothes will look amazing. Moreover, if you have clothes that you no longer use, you can adjust them and make them look brand new. For example, if you have an old big cotton jumper that no longer fits you, you can add a zipper or buttons and turn it into an autumn zipped cardigan.

However, do not try to do it yourself. It is best if you find a good tailor and you will love the result.


When it comes to perfume, you may want to invest in it. The reason why is because the fragrance of a good quality perfume will last longer, is more gentle on your skin and will add a subtle refinement to your outfit. A good perfume does not always cost much if you check the monthly discounts online or in the nearest drugstore. For example, a Balmain body care set which also includes a 60ml perfume would cost you £24 on TK Maxx. So, again the key is to search and keep an eye on the discounts.

8.Pay attention to the details

Just because they are small does not mean that they go unnoticed. Start with your physical appearance: make sure you have an impeccable manicure or eyebrows, a nice hairstyle etc.  What are your tips on looking stylish?