Why You Need to Consider the Implementation of Application Monitoring Tools

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Most businesses run their applications on hybrid environments such as legacy systems, public clouds and private clouds. Skyhigh Networks has determined that organizations run an average of 545 cloud services. Although the cloud offers some benefits, it too has some drawbacks. Top on the list is that you give up the control over your applications’ performance. The performance is left in the hands of the external or internal cloud providers in matters security, speed and availability.

All is not lost if you rely on cloud for your applications. Thanks to application monitoring tools, you can recover the lost control. The right software will give you the visibility you need for proactive application management. It will also help you improve user experience as well as employee productivity. There are several ways that application monitoring tools software can help you.

Gain more visibility into all your applications

Not being able to tell how your apps are doing is the root cause of most performance problems. Whether your applications are located in private clouds, public clouds or legacy systems, a monitoring tool that has been properly designed and implemented will help you assess your apps across your technology stack.

This monitoring capability will enable you to experience your applications in the same way that your users are experiencing. You will be able to pinpoint a decline in performance in any of your apps. This includes database, servers, network, end-user device and application code.

By being able to identify problems proactively, it will be easier for you to identify the root cause of the problems as well as find better ways of building your infrastructure. With the application monitoring tools with RightitNow Software, you will no longer have to spend time and money in fire drills.

Mange the IT costs

The application monitoring tools software will give insight into your applications’ performance. You will be able to predict the peaks as well as the valleys of your apps consumption. This helps you better predict the future. Second, you will be able to consolidate the technology-domain-centric tools. This will reduce redundancies and the need for special skills. At the end of the day, you will record a boost in efficiency.

Be proactive in IT management

In the present age, people have options. The last thing your customers want is for the service to be unavailable. This will not only affect your brand reputation but also tarnish customer loyalty. The monitoring tools will help you be proactive in your IT management capabilities. The developers will be able to see how their code is working while the monitoring team will easily identify a drop in performance and make the necessary efforts to resolve the issue.

Implementing a good application monitoring tool will not only save your IT team time but also improve productivity. The important thing you need to do is choose a monitoring tool with care. The monitoring tools are built differently. Some perform better than others. Start by making a list of your management needs then search the market for the tool that enables you to achieve your objectives.