Need of Cloud App to Perform Functional Testing for Smooth Running of Developed Applications


 Millions of apps are available on different operating systems like on iOS and Android. Great amount of revenue is generated for the firms through these apps. So, they need to be properly tested. There are two types of testing – Functional and Non-Functional Testing.

Functional Testing means that the app developed is tested for its functions, confirming that the app is working according to the specified standards required. It is like a black box testing in which internal source code of app is not tested. User-friendliness is the major part that is focused by functional testing. Various types of functional testing include unit testing, smoke testing, sanity testing, integration testing, system setting, regression testing, user acceptance setting, etc.

pCloudy is a cloud app which tests app for their proper functioning and it can tests apps of both Android as well as IOS devices. Automated and manual testing can be performed on both kinds of operating systems. Set up cost of the device is reduced with this kind of testing. Mobile application testing on different mobile platforms like native hybrid, web app, progressive web apps, etc. can be performed with the help of pCloudy.

Features of this dependable app are:

  • Automation and Manual Testing – Calabash and Appium are the most famous mobile application testing equipment for IOS and android devices. Their compatibility with pCloudy is the major bonus.
  • Parallel Testing – “Follow Me” is a key feature offered by pCloudy. With the help of this feature, app testing process speed can be increased exponentially by testing on 3 unique device stages.
  • Certifaya – Certifaya is a Testing Bot offered by pCloudy which is another distinctive feature from various other automated formats. Time is saved with usage of this app and analyzed reports are mailed directly. Crash tests are performed by bots for proper identification of problems involved.
  • Integrations – Most famous testing frameworks such as Espresso, JIRA, Appium, Jenkins, etc. are integrated with pCloudy. Different plug-ins are developed by pCloudy to make easier the testing of integration on cloud platform.
  • Network and Functional Testing- Critical functional issues found on real devices can be checked with the help of functional testing. Various kinds of devices with different versions, screen sizes and different manufacturers can be checked with network and functional testing.
  • Chrome Debugger- All gears are provided which are required for debugging, inspection and monitoring the web app performance by this feature.

With the aid of pCloudy, mobile app can be tested on private, public and premise cloud. This shows that pCloudy is the most reliable app to use for functional testing. pCloudy can also be used for non-functional testing like performance testing, compatibility testing, etc.

In today’s world, mobile app testing is imperative for application development cycle. Bugs and different kinds of problems are identified with functional testing. 95% of users are lost by app in first 3 months because of companies least focus on app testing and troubleshooting the problems. This means good strategies are needed to be adopted to avoid these kinds of problems.