Revealed: The Secrets To Making Money Online

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, firstly, congratulations, you have excellent taste when it comes to choosing blogs. Secondly, you might have read a recent piece on here that spoke about how you can use the internet to sell products. Veering off on a tangent from that post, this article is going to focus on making money online in general. Specifically, you will see lots of advice and secrets on how you can make a lot of money online. Thes beauty is that all of this advice can be applied to any method of making money, not just selling products.

Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, it’s time to dive into the secrets of making money online:

A Good Website Is Everything

Regardless of how you want to make money, whether you’re selling services online or have a range of products you want to distribute, you need a portal for people to go to and view what you have to offer. This comes in the form of a website. To translate a website into the physical world, think of it as your store or office. Continuing with this comparison, how successful do you think you’d be if you had a store that looked bad and wasn’t set up properly or an office that just wasn’t practical at all? It’s reasonable to think that you wouldn’t be very successful at all in either of these scenarios.

So, why is it that people think they can be successful and make money online with a bad website? It makes no sense, you’ll never achieve your true potential if your website is poor. It has to look good and captivate your audience, while also remaining fully functional and easy to use. Why is this important? Well, it boils down to a few things, but the main one is consumer confidence. Someone is far more confident that they’re making the right decision by buying a product/service if they can trust the website. Use yourself as an example here and think about if you were searching the web for something. Let’s say you came across two websites, and one was very basic and didn’t look modern and took ages to load, the other is extremely modern and looks like a professional site which loads everything up quickly and responds well. Which one gives you more confidence? It’s obviously the second one, and you’ll spend your money there.

Bearing that in mind, you should make it your mission to produce the best website possible. To start things off, you need a secure server to host your site on. You also need to ensure that your web domain is safe for people to access and they’ll have a secure connection when on there. Secondly, think about web design. This encompasses everything from the way your site looks and the font you use to the load speeds and functionality. Thankfully, there are tonnes of design agencies like Avex Designs that help people create modern websites. Ensure your website is professional, and functions well across multiple platforms too. Now, you’ve got a brilliant place for people to visit and buy what you sell, making you lots of money!


It’s Important To Know Your Market

Before you start trying to make money online, you have to come to a simple realization; you can’t please everyone. In money-making terms, this means that what you offer might not be attractive to every single person on the internet. There are people that will jump at the chance to buy your stuff, and there are people that won’t even give it a second look. This is just the way of the world, there’s no getting around it.

If you want to make as much money as possible, then you need to know your market and focus on the people most likely to enjoy what you sell. This sets the framework for your entire marketing campaign. The way you promote the things you sell will be based around your target market. It makes sense to focus on people that will spend their money on you rather than trying to convert people that just aren’t interested. A lot of people fall into this trap when they try and make money online. Normally, it’s due to the sheer potential of selling things online. When you know there are billions of people on the internet, you get a bit greedy and want to cut yourself as big a slice of pie as possible. The trouble is, as you try and focus on other markets and bringing in new customers, all of your target markets are getting under appreciated and you’re not paying them your full attention. The bottom line is, it will always end in tears if you don’t know your market and focus on them.

So, figure out your target market, which shouldn’t be difficult. Generally speaking, you should really know who they are before you start trying to make money. When someone has an idea for making money, they usually ask themselves the question; who would buy this? This enables you to figure out if you can make money from your idea. Anyway, get to know your market and study the typical internet behaviour of this key demographic. Then, it will help you when you’re putting things together such as a social media marketing strategy. This is a great way of promoting what you sell and getting people to come to your website. By understanding your market, you can mimic the way they behave on social media to appeal to them even more. As such, social media engagement increases, which has a direct impact on web traffic and sales.

You’ll also use your knowledge of your market when creating digital ads to try and lure people in. Again, based on your understanding of their lifestyle, age, what they like/dislike, you can create an advert that captivates them and has the best effect possible. Imagine trying to create ads that appeal to the wider market instead of your target one. It would be madness, and you’d end up with an advert that doesn’t reel in as many customers as you’d hope.


Make Use Of The Many Revenue Streams Available

One of the big things that set the online world apart from the physical world is the sheer plethora of ways you can make money. Now, this doesn’t just mean the different money-making ideas out there for you to choose from. Everyone knows that you can think of so many different ways to sell something online and make money. Instead, the focus is on additional revenue streams that you can call upon alongside your primary source. The internet opens you up to so many different additional methods of making money, and you have to maximize these opportunities.

One of the best examples is advertising. If you set up your website with ad spaces, companies will bid for these spaces to place their ads on there. Every time someone clicks on these ads, you’ll get a bit of money, as will the ad company that dealt with the whole bidding process. It might not seem like a lot, but it will all add up to help you improve your profit margins. Similarly, there are other ways you can use ad revenue. Start a YouTube channel alongside your site and start earning money for every 1000 views your videos get. Make the videos relevant to what you sell, and they can also be used for promotional purposes! Thirdly, you could work directly with companies and advertise for them on your website.

Then, you have sponsorships/affiliate programs which are both similar. Sponsorship is when a company sponsors you and pays you to promote them in some way. This could be in the form of a blog post on your site or a picture on social media. Affiliate programs are similar, but you’re being paid to promote a company and only get paid when someone completes the action you’re promoting. In simpler terms, you could write a blog post and mention a product that people should buy and link them to the website. The link you use is provided by the affiliate company and tells them when someone has clicked on your link and bought something from their site. When this happens, you get paid.

The beauty is that you can use all of these revenue streams while still making money by selling your products/services. The best way to utilize them all is through a blog – which is always recommended on websites anyway. Blogs are great for writing posts that can drive traffic to your site and also promote your own products. But, they’re also great for sponsored posts and slipping in affiliate links here and there. Consequently, you can boost your revenue.

In conclusion, if you take all of this advice on board, you will start making lots of money online. You’ve learnt the secrets to success, use them wisely and maximize your potential