Samsung Flagship phone step to make a standard wireless charging

samsung wireless charging

What does Samsung Do?

Samsung Galaxy S6, a new Flagship phone going to be launched at ‘Mobile World’ in the next month at Barcelona, confirms that the next generation smart phones of Samsung are focusing on, to use wireless charging standards.

Why do we need Samsung?

Over the past few years, wireless charging has been used in few devices like electric tooth brush, shaver and more. This technology has been largely used in Nokia Lumia Windows mobiles. The features in Samsung wireless charging is, it has the speed which is twice as that of the previous devices which are already in use, i.e with 20 to 30% of charging speed that could save your time.

What made Samsung stand out from others?

Using Samsung wireless charging, the users can enter into a new technology, providing certain features beneficial to consumers like, you no need to carry different chargers everywhere for different devices, it has multiple charge slots that could make your work easier. This technology used now in consumer electronics especially in smart phones and their accessories also, stepped into devices like vehicles, appliances and more. This technology is portable to any devices which are forthcoming too.

More of Samsung?

Samsung, which is a member of three technologies namely, WPC (wireless power consortium), PMA(power matters alliance) and Qi standard, which are implemented in the spectrum used in our daily lives like wireless charging pads mechanized by Qi standard and PMA aiming now to provide better wireless charging to all the devices