Are you new to the iPhone development or in the process of submitting your new app to the Apple App Store? If yes, then you must be very excited and anxious about the right and smooth method of apps submission and getting accepted. The following are some tips which you can follow for successful app submission.


  1. For a new iPhone app to be submitted successfully you must first ensure that you have a iPhone app developer account ID and password. Also make sure that your app is tested before you submit it to the Apple store. It is important that you make sure your apps run on the most recent OS version.
  2. You have to be careful about the keywords. You will be asked to place in keywords as search criteria for your iPhone apps. To prevent app rejection, place keywords which are related to your app only. Keywords that refer to other apps will cause app rejection by the reviewer. You must never use offensive language.
  3. There are plenty of reasons why your app is rejected. Apps which have special characters in their names will not be accepted by the App Store. You have to keep in mind that the app must have useful functionality. If you create it just to create a brand presence in the App Store, it will be definitely rejected. Also, apps which mention public figures, celebrities will be surely be rejected.
  4. There are different categories in iPhone apps and it is important that you understand these categories appropriately. Know more about the category and subcategory for the apps your are submitting. Links for submission will be available for you after login to your developer account.
  5. A native app can be added through the manage your apps menu. You have to fill in the details under respective headings. The copyright filed must not consist of any name of the person or entity which holds the rights to the app. You must fill up the right version number. In the application field it has to be filled with the binary of your app. During apps submission all the fields must be filled out completely. Take utmost care when filling the title and description. Submit the screen shots of your apps with a resolution of 320356.
  6. If your app needs specific settings for the review process, directions for the reviewer can be added in the demo account- full success field. The contents of the field must be available only for the reviewer and not the general public.
  7. If your apps need internet connection, then the user must be notified when there is a failure of internet connection.
  8. You have to make sure that the users are notified when their personal info is used or sent to the servers and also they must be provided an option to select whether or not they want to send the info.
  9. When you are submitting your iPhone app, you have to make sure that your small app icon and the large App Store icon are same.
  10. You will need a webpage which hosts the info about your application and your app’s screen shots when you submit the app.