SwishVideo app to watch only the very best VR/360 videos

What does SwishVideo company Do?

Ever wondered why there isn’t an app dedicated to showing only the world’s best videos? Us too, so we made SWISH!

Swishvideo.io is the app that allows you to discover the world’s most incredible and awesome videos personalised based on your moods and interests.

Why do we need SwishVideo?

Our social media news-feeds have got too boring and we had to do something about it, so we decided to create Swish. A place you can go to watch only the very best VR/360 videos without having to put up with all the irrelevant shit you see on social media like selfies and status updates.

No more wasting time scrolling and searching for the best videos. Now all the world’s best videos all in one app, all you have to do is Swish!

Who is SwishVideo for?

Swish is for everyone who loves watching videos on their smartphone! Swish has videos for everyone! With our advanced machine learning algorithms, Swish shows users the videos they want to watch!

What makes SwishVideo stand out from Others?

Swish is the only app that curates the world’s best videos from all the internet and personalises them based on your moods and interests! Try Swish once and you will realise the difference.

What’s Next? 

Swish is introducing Swish VR for android. Now you can watch all the world’s best 360 videos. We are working hard to make these 360 videos compatible with your VR headset for the best video discovery experience ever!