Taking the Stress Out of Recruitment



Whether you’ve lost a valued employee or you’re expanding after a surprise success, recruitment can be quite the stress. It’s a big investment of time and money. There’s also the fact that your business is quite clearly not getting some required work done in the meantime!

It’s best for your company to have a solid plan when it comes to recruiting. In fact, it’s one of the processes you should set up in the early stages. It’s something you may find yourself having to do several times a year, so it’s best to have a consistent method.

Whatever you do, you should look into taking some of the advice from this article. It will help take some of the sting away from what will probably be a not-very-fun process!

Filling in the gap

There’s a loss of productivity during this time. Not only is there the gap that the applicant is going to fill. There’s also the fact that you have to go through the recruitment process! It takes time away from what you need to do. Yes, recruitment is part of the job. But something is going to be neglected as a result.



If things are taking too long, you could look into getting some temporary assistance. You could outsource the work. You could also ask others if they’d be willing to assist in any way they can in the meantime, though. Just remember they’re allowed to say no to such requests if it’s not work they’re contracted to do!

Keeping track of everything

Hopefully, you’ve been inundated with applications for the vacant position or positions. The dream scenario I’m picturing now has you swamped with résumés, barely able to see over the piles of applications on your desk. Of course, while that means you have a lot to choose from, it also means you have a lot to go through.



You could try splitting the work with another person in higher management. That would make it easier to manage, but it would also risk oversights of decent applications. You might be best off going with applicant tracking systems to keep everything organized.

Cutting down on recruitment costs

Technically, any method you use to make the process easier and quicker will save you money in the long run. In terms of cutting down on the immediate and obvious costs, your options can actually be fairly limited. One of them is to try the process without going through an agency. But so many of the platforms you’ll need might charge you if you’re not going through an agency. The combined fees might actually be higher.



Of course, if you can rely on social media to advertise a position, then you may want to just use that. People who are fans of your company will probably already be following you on Facebook or Twitter. If you advertise a position on those platforms, they can easily be shared within business circles.

And if you do end up going with an agency, make sure you go with one that doesn’t charge you for services you don’t really need.