The importance of Instagram comments


As more and more of us are choosing Instagram as the solution of all social media platform necessities, our actions and movements with each other have become more public in a way we couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago. On the Instagram platform, the comments module is the new border in the app’s gradual development from a platform once interesting for its rapidity and sleekness to something a lot more similar to its parent application, Facebook. Instagram’s growingly complex comments module used to be a register of emoji answers from friends or fans is currently a big mass of happenings. It also, like anything determined by algorithms, can be used and played with by influencers and brands to increase their visibility on the web. To be high up in the comment section will give them more importance from which they will receive engagement which they desire. We all know that Instagram is getting more powerful by the day.

Which comments rank higher

If you think about it you will come to realize that Instagram is creating a situation in which their algorithm would jump out a few comments of other users you are or might be interested in. Sometimes the algorithm would even show a response someone wrote. when you enter the comment module of a post the highest comments, and therefore the comments that will show first, are the ones that receive the most likes. That’s right, now you can even like someone’s comment.

More sympathetic towards celebs

Some people like to keep up with all the comments written by famous people and celebs. This way they can find out with who they use the social media networking site as public relation, and with who they use it just like ordinary people… to stay in touch with their friends and family. For some Instagram users the privacy settings are very important. To keep constant track of the comments written you will often need to scroll through your feed, start browsing and hope you will find your pot of gold. We are more sympathetic with celebs when we see the sweet comments they might write to each other, or when they post about their personal life, a birthday or an anniversary to celebrate. Their lives have lost intimacy since they share everything with their fans, but they have gained so much compassion from the world. A cup of coffee in the morning when you have just woken up is relatable. Especially when you haven’t done your hair yet or put up any makeup and your still in your pjs. But 20 years ago, celebs were seen as perfect. No one realized they too drink that cup of coffee. Now thanks to Instagram, the generic opinion on celebs has changed and we’ve come to realize they are just like us. Just like we notice the good relatable things, celebs might have fights, breakups etc. which don’t stay hidden for very long. There have been many unfollowings in the history of Instagram and each one has come to the day of light. You can read all about who Selena Gomez took out of her Instagram followings.

Instagram’s algorithm

The burning question still is… how does Instagram decide which comments to show first as most important? What we do know is that it depends on lots of factors, like your age and gender, but also your hobbies, your location, who you follow and who follows you, together with probably thousands of things related to you, of which you don’t or didn’t knew Instagram knows about you. They know much more than you would like them to know, but that is the reason they can predict which comments you will be most interested in, and that is what makes up the incredibly complex, and secret, algorithm. This algorithm will only become more complicate with time.

Different kinds of Instagram comments

If you start browing through your feed, you will probably notice that there are many different kinds of comments. The first difference is between what Instagram will consider important accounts, which are usually verified, and non-important accounts. The comments from important account will appear higher up. But there is another important difference to keep in mind. There are relative comments and non-relative comments. The relative ones are the comments that people will write that actually relate to the post, and they are written by users that are actually interested in the niche the post is about. For example, it wouldn’t make any sense to see a musician comment on a post about construction because the two aren’t related. It would make total sense to see a fashionista comment on a post from @pau_eche. There even are Instagram users and influencers that choose to buy Instagram comments that relate to their posts in order to rank higher in their followers feed and gain more trustworthiness.  currently it is especially difficult to appear first on your follower’s page, because Instagram keeps updating their algorithm which decides which posts to show first.


There are various new trends for receiving comments on Instagram. You can ask your followers to choose between two things they would like you to post or write about. You can also ask them to tag a friend that can relate to the post, or host a contest in which your followers can win something that relates to you. When Instagram decided to change their algorithm, the reason they gave was that most users miss a lot of the Instagram posts since they go online at the same time every day. Therefore, something that was uploaded to Instagram outside these time intervals, was missed. Since users post at the same time every day, the followers would never get to see their posts. The solution they came up with is a more developed algorithm that doesn’t just look at how recent the post is. It takes into consideration the account and the things they like, the posts they look at longer, and of course the amount of likes the post receives, the number of relative comments and the quality of the content.