Resources to design simple static websites with less time and money

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Due to the lack of time and money, many web designers or developers quit designing small websites as they don’t get more profit . For instance, one of your friends might be starting an online boutique and she needs a small website. As she is your friend you might not get a good pay or else you have no time to design a website. Instead of quitting the work, you can design the website faster and also with lower cost.

So if you are in a need of designing websites further, here we provided few tips that help you. You have many free online available resources listed below.

1).Use Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS is a web application developed especially for the users who have no technical skills in order to edit or manage a website easily. There are many available content management systems, few are free of cost. For example,, It has many free themes available. And many plugins are also available, you need to choose according to your client requirement or build your own. Wordpess is very simple and easy for customization compare to others.


Another free CMS is Joomla, this is a user friendly CMS for building websites and online applications with many features and designs. But joomla doesn’t provide hosting which has to be considered.

joomla is a website builder. It allows users to create build, edit websites in real time in minutes. This is simple and easy to use with many unique designs. It has many packages with very less cost includes hosting also.

Drupal is an open source package allowing users to manage and publish content with different customization. This is maintained by many active users and developers all over the world. This can be downloaded free and can be used by local business to global businesses.


2).Keep list of resources handy

  1. Free images

There are number of free tools available online to download free images to keep it handy. You may not find time when you need. So it’s better to favorite the images for the future use.

Note: Check the terms of use while downloading, because few are not allowed to use for commercial purposes.

Some of those websites providing free images are as follows,

  1. Freeimages
  2. Flickr
  3. PhotoPin


While your customer may need to utilize their own pictures, if this is the situation, give them a rundown of requirements, for example, resolution and size. You can likewise request that they pick a specific number, that way you are not stuck burrowing through many photographs of the front of the store.

i)Patterns and textures

There are many resources available for patterns and textures. One of which I found interesting for patterns is CGTextures and Webtreat for patterns. All you needed to do is to check the license for every pattern or texture, because license may vary for each pattern.


CMs tools provide many free themes to use. But you may get a situation where you need to search according to your client requirements. So it’s better to favorite your selected themes when found for future use.


Thankfully there are an expansive amount of free web font styles accessible today, because of destinations like Google Webfonts and FontSquirrel even has an extensive accumulation of free at font face units for business utilization. To further spare you time, you could simply furnish your customer with sneak peaks of the text styles you have accessible and request that they pick which one they need you to utilize.


iv)Icons & buttons

There are such a large number of free symbol and catch sets accessible online that your eyes will begin to cross in simply the initial couple of minutes of looking. This is the reason I exceptionally prescribe possibly spending a day discovering free, business use symbols and catches that you may need and sparing them to a document. Some awesome spots to look are, FindIcons and the free symbols from MaxButtons additionally check the permit on everyone here as well.


3).Make it small

Keeping your entire design smaller not just makes the site a great deal less inclined to break later on, additionally keeps your time planning it to a base. Limit hues to only a few, for example, one for headings, another for body text style, and another for highlights. You might likewise need to stay with one and only or two distinct text styles and also just a few unique styles. At the point when the sort of site takes into consideration it, propose a solitary page plan for your customer. In the matter of a low spending plan, you will need to verify that little upgrades won’t take extended periods.

4). Make a Ckecklist

Sites, even insignificant ones, require certain components to make them capacity right. To accelerate your outline process, particularly for low or no paying occupations, keep an agenda of components every site ought to contain. Some variety may happen, obviously, yet even these varieties can be incorporated in your agenda. The thought is to make your outline procedure oblige less intellectual prowess and, eventually, less time. The rundown of free assets above is a decent place to begin with your agenda, yet you can get as point by point or as concise as you need. Simply make a point to keep it in a simple to discover area on your PC with the goal that you can have it open or print it out to continue your work area while chipping away at a web configuration venture.

Stop turning down those low spending plan occupations- rather, simply enhance your work process with the goal that regardless you pull in some decent coin for your time. On the off chance that you set it up right and utilize the right assets, you can hurl an exceptionally proficient site in under a day. Simply take eventually at this moment to get ready, and possibly next time a cousin requests your help, you can say “yes” with a grin all over.