Top 10 Weather Apps That You Can Download For Free!

Weather app; download free on your Smartphone. It features complete update of weather for Smartphone. It tracks the location of the device and provides an hourly or day based weather forecast of your location, You can also use weather meter as alternative. Also, it shows temperature, wind, humidity, dew point data and visibility on hourly as well as a daily basis.

Here are the top 10 weather app download free for your phone:

  1. Weather Timeline

Weather timeline comprises hourly, 48hr and weekly forecast of whether organized in a timeline briefly. The information comes in coded form to mark various kind of weather condition. It features the real-time alters and warnings. Weather provider selection, a custom theme which affects you interface color and lot more.

  1. 1WeatherA

A highly rated and popular weather app is 1weather. It offers easy to use and clean interface along hourly, daily and weekly forecast on which you can rely on. You can see information even without opening or refreshing the app.

  1. WeatherBug App

This is also an old and longtime app of Android users that comes with the operating system. Its unique feature is light alerts showing how far the storm is and any danger is to hit your property. Also, the home energy meter calculates how much the air conditioning or heating is likely to be and keeps all comfortable during the extreme conditions.

  1. Weather Channel

A free updated weather app developed for Android is weather channel. It shows brief weather updates by tracking your current location providing hourly, 15hr and weekly information of weather forecast. Also, it shows temperature, wind, humidity, visibility, UV index and dew point on hourly as well as the daily basis.

  1. YoWindow Free

YoWindow free is a free android weather app offering rich animation which is easily usable. The weather forecast is displayed in an animated landscape form with the expected weather outside. You can swipe it from left to right and see hourly or daily weather forecast with animation changes that match the forecast.

  1. Dark Sky

This is completely different kind of weather app that delivers any scary and hyper weather alerts within minutes. Rather than showing the whole set of forecast information, the app will tell what the current status of raining or snowing is and when it is going to stop.

  1. Forecaster

Forecaster is a very neat app that displays in artistic visuals along with weather map instead of a minute weather alert or seven days forecast at-a-glance and local data. This app is useful for the users in UK, U.S, and Ireland.

  1. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is the accurate weather forecast app. The app relies on more than 30,000 networks of weather radar that deliver accurate forecast as possible. There are many other features like the interactive map,and personal weather station is displayed in your neighborhood too. This crowd reporting helps in helpful to know forecast reports. A unique feature is Health Tile that shows health-related information along with local outbreaks.

  1. AccuWeather

AccuWeather app is a free app available for Android and iOS. It is the best app that provides you all hour, daily and 15days forecast of weather that you can integrate with the calendar. Its MinuteCast features display minute by minute, the hyper-local forecast of coming two hours. It can reach out to a network of 3 million locations.

  1. Morecast

Morecast is a nicely crafted app coming in new design and with an instinctive interface. It delivers pinpoint forecast. At the top, you can see current weather condition and down more detailed information will be given.

These 2018 best weather app download freeare equipped with Doppler radar map that shows national weather updates and alerts in a unique way to its users.