Top 20 blogs that help freelance bloggers earn money


Freelance blogging is an extraordinary approach to earn money, as now days there is lot of demand for the guest posts for the blogs. Unfortunately this is not an easy task! Here the main problem is to get the high paid freelance blog entry jobs. It would take lot of effort and patience particularly for the new bloggers.

You can visit any of those freelance market places, you can find countless of authors or the bloggers. Also, if you don’t have a writer profile or valuing that is not fully updated then your eventual customers can undoubtedly locate other blog writers.

Another issue is, clients or the freelance blogs don’t pay much. Regardless of the fact that you meet their criteria you may not gain more than $10 to $15 per 500 words unless or until you are local English speaking people.

Profit yourself by writing articles as a Freelance Blogger

Independent blogger, visitor blogger, and content advertiser, these are the 3 different types of bloggers. An independent or a freelance blogger is somebody who is paid for composing blog entries for his customers. This can be the individual people or the companies.

Visitor blogger is who composes a blog entry and gets it distributed on someone else’s site. He can be paid for it or is typically charged free of charge or he can get in return for a credit, as a backlink toward the end of his visitor post.

Visitor blogging should be possible for customers also. It implies that a customer will pay a visitor blogger for advisory on his business on another site. And the third one Content marketer is who composes the content to pull the traffic to his site.


Let me take me as an example, I’m not a freelance blogger or a visitor blogger as I never composed any visitor posts on any website, yet, I also don’t write for customers either. In any case, I can be known as a content writer as I have written blog entries that is adding traffic to the site.

Majority of the sites that are recorded on that blog entry are huge media organizations and their acknowledgement rate and installment rate is on the very low side. Additionally, a great rate of them acknowledges just local English authors.

If you are independent authors who willing to earn money writing articles and you are out on low-paying, here I have given you the list of sites that are paying up to $300 or more for your articles and blog entries. As it were, you get paid when you contribute content to the accompanying sites and websites.

Below are the top websites that will pay you good amount of money for blogging,

  1. TopTenz

TopTenz serves more than 2.4 million pages for each month to more than 1.6 million fulfilled guests. We distribute main 10 rundowns that illuminate and amuse, concentrating on themes that differ from the standard and touch on the peculiar.


  • Alexa Rank is 22,580
  • Subjects: Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, Science, and so on.
  • Pay: $50
  1. ListVerse

Listverse serves more than 30 million pages a month to more than eight million pursuers. We distribute records that interest and teach, gaining practical experience in the odd or lesser-known trivia. Consistently we show three or all the more new, novel records.


  • Alexa Rank is 3,674
  • Points: Entertainment, General Knowledge, Lifestyle, Science, Society, and so forth.
  • Pay: $100
  1. The Dollar Stretcher

The Dollar Stretcher is a gathering of distributions committed to “Living Better for Less”. The objective is to furnish pursuers with approaches to help them spare time and cash.


  • Alexa Rank is 97,537
  • Points: Money, Food, Home & Auto, Lifestyle, Family, and so forth.
  • Pay: $0.10 per word or $50 per post, for 500 words.
  1. Reverb Press

Reverb Press is a news and way of life webzine which is the result of the ability and commitment of a group of sharp, skilled journalists, craftsmen, and professionals committed to work.


  • Alexa Rank is 36,148
  • Points: News, Politics, Justice, Business, World, Entertainment, and so on.
  • Pay: Not Specified

Reverb Press is unique in relation to different sites that are recorded here as they expect content from you all the time. Along these lines, if your application is acknowledged then you can consider it like an occupation and not as another composition gig. You can expound on subjects that you are energetic about and in the meantime they might likewise give you discretionary assignments. The valuing is not specified but rather it says you will be paid relying on your work and group of onlooker’s engagement.

  1. The Everyday Windshield

The Everyday Windshield is an online magazine committed to the adventure of life through confidence, family, form, nourishment, and fun.

everyday windshield

  • Alexa Rank is 1,259,36
  • Themes: Faith, Family, Fashion, Food, Fun
  • Pay: $10 for the 1st post, $25 for the 2nd to 5th post, and from there on $50 per every post
  1. The Daily Heckle

The Daily Heckle is a website for bloggers who need to get paid for imparting their insights. Scholars can win cash in light of how famous their posts are.

the daily heckle

  • Alexa Rank is 1,634,887
  • Points: News, Sports, Politics, Travel, TV, Music, Movies, and so on.
  • Pay: $7.5-$30

Note: The Everyday Windshield and The Daily Heckle are recorded here as they are routinely distributed new blog entries.

  1. CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor Media conveys every day comedic substance, including features, pictures, articles and jokes, made and/or curated by the CollegeHumor staff. CollegeHumor Media pulls in more than 15 million month to month unique and produces more than 100 million feature sees for every month.

college humour

  • Alexa Rank is 1,875
  • Points: Humor
  • Pay: $25 per post in addition to reward
  1. WritersWeekly

WritersWeekly is one of the most seasoned and most regarded locales on independent composition. It has been distributed consistently since 1997.

writers weekly

  • Alexa Rank is 240,429
  • Themes: Freelance
  • Pay: $60 per post for 600 words
  1. wow! Women on Writing

Wow is a worldwide magazine, intended to backing ladies innovativeness, strength, and hard work all through all phases of the composition process.


  • Alexa Rank is 461,290
  • Subjects: Writing
  • Pay: $50-$150 per each post
  1. Funds For Writers

FundsforWriters is an online asset for journalists. We underline discovering cash to make composing a sensible vocation. Obviously, you’d compose in any case. That is the method for an author.

funds for writers

  • Alexa Rank is 501,141
  • Subjects: Writing
  • Pay: $50 per post
  1. A List Apart

A List Apart investigates the configuration, advancement, and significance of web content, with a unique concentrate on web gauges and best practices.


  • Alexa Rank is 8,707
  • Subjects: Web Design & Development
  • Pay: $200
  1. InstantShift

InstantShift is a configuration and motivation related group for web fashioners and designers every day asset, motivation and premium web outline and improvement.

  • Alexa Rank is 13,841
  • Points: Web Design & Development
  • Pay: Depends upon quality and word check.
  1. Crushing Magazine

Crushing Magazine is an online magazine for expert Web planners and designers, with an attention on helpful systems, best practices and profitable assets.

smashing magazine

  • Alexa Rank is 2,032
  • Themes: Web Design & Development
  • Pay: It depends upon quality and word tally.
  1. SitePoint

SitePoint gives bleeding edge content for web experts like designers, planners, software engineers, specialists and website proprietors.

site point

  • Alexa Rank is 1,248
  • Themes: Web Design & Development
  • Pay: Not Specified
  1. SpyreStudios

SpyreStudios is an online magazine about web-outline & advancement and the heaps of different subjects that fall in the middle.

spyre studios

  • Alexa Rank is 35,424
  • Points: Web Design & Development
  • Pay: Not Specified
  1. Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials makes learners to specialists. Learn tips and traps on the most proficient method to utilize Photoshop for photograph altering, controls, plans, and that’s just the beginning.

photoshop tutorials

  • Alexa Rank is 43,636
  • Subjects: Design
  • Pay: $25 to $300 per post
  1. UX Booth

UX Booth is a distribution by and for the client experience group. Our readership comprises for the most part of starting to-middle of the road client experience and cooperation planners, however anybody intrigued by improving the web a spot to be is welcome.


  • Alexa Rank is 35,436
  • Points: UX, Design
  • Pay: Not Specified

18. Myvu is Blog about blogging and Startup .

  1. Crazyleaf Design

Crazyleaf Design is a web plan, representation, and programming organization. We construct practical, norms agreeable and tastefully rich novel sites.


  • Alexa Rank is 90,714
  • Subjects: Design
  • Pay: Unknown
  1. AppStorm

AppStorm brings you not simply surveys of extraordinary (and not so incredible) applications, but rather we additionally round them up into arranged records, give you how-to tips and traps to get all the more out of them, and consolidate it with a sound measurements of related news.


  • Alexa Rank is 11,891
  • Points: Apps (Mac, Windows, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Pay: $60 per post
  1. WorldStart

WorldStart is searching for tips for our email bulletin, WorldStart’s Computer Tips. This is distributed every day to 300,000 pursuers and spotlights on tips and traps the normal PC client can use. We are likewise looking for highlight articles for our site covering any parts of processing.

world start

  • Alexa Rank: 69,214
  • Points: Tech
  • Pay: $25-$50 per post