Top 5 Apps to Calculate Mortgages on Your Smartphone


Oh boy. Here we are. It’s time to calculate your mortgage and then cry a little bit about the cost of everything. But hey, it doesn’t have to be all so bad!

With the rise of the smartphone and crazy increase in technology, you’re able to just head over to a handy app on your smartphone to calculate your mortgage payments and track them. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on a real estate agent for of your home buying, selling, and ownership needs.

Whether you’re currently looking at mortgage companies or Houston or any other city, check out these apps below first to start calculating your mortgage payments!

  • Mortgages Pro

This first application is the one for you if you want a simple and clear understanding of your payment plan and what you have to pay in order to get your home out of your mortgage. You’re able to add in all of the variables necessary to understand your overall payments. However, the only drawback with this app is that you aren’t able to schedule in payments.

You’ll have to keep a separate payment scheduler to make sure you get those payments in on time.

  • Mortgage Payoff Track

Mortgage Payoff Track is an absolutely fantastic tool for tracking your home mortgage payments. It gives you the opportunity to see your payments and the process of paying off your home in real-time with visual graphs and charts. This is for you if you want to be able to celebrate at all those little victories along the road to getting your entire home paid off!

Another valuable option that comes with this app is that you can calculate various scenarios regarding your payment. For example, you’re able to tell what would happen with the overall cost of your loan if you started paying more or less per month. This is valuable if you don’t want to handle all of those complex calculations on your own and would rather have an app do it for you.

No one said that the mortgage payment process had to be complicated!

  • Mortgage Mentor

Mortgage Mentor is one of those apps that does it all. You’re able to work with the very user-friendly interface to change multiple variables to determine what your overall cost is going to be for your mortgage payment. Available on both Android and iOS, this one is the perfect choice for pretty much anybody out there.

  • Loan Calculator Pro

This is an app that has a little extra feature under its belt that the others don’t at the current time. Loan Calculator Pro will give you monthly reminders for when your mortgage payment is due. In addition, users can choose dates in the future for when they want their whole house paid off by and allows you to plan accordingly.

This app is the best choice for those of you who aren’t so good at scheduling and need a gentle reminder when it’s time to get those payments in.

  • Bill Payment Log

This app has the ability to juggle multiple of your loans at once and allows you to track your payments on each one separately. This is super important if you’re looking at having multiple loans for your house and don’t want to get things mixed up. This one is for you if you’re a busy homeowner without enough time to keep track with all of those messy payments on your spreadsheet or budgeting tool.

Reverse mortgage calculator

This calculator app can calculate your principal lending limit on a federal-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, also known as the HECM. The calculator is available for seniors age 62+ and also offers real-time rates, APR and the ability to connect to a local reverse mortgage specialist.

Let this app to do it all for you!

And there you have it! All of these apps are fantastic if you want to keep up with those all-important mortgage payments. Don’t believe people who tell you that mortgages have to be complicated. With the rise of technology, especially when it comes to our smartphones, a lot of the process can be undertaken right in the palm of your hand.