VaporChat raises $1.5 M for its Private Messaging App

What does VaporChat do?

VaporChat, is a free chatting app for iOS and Android users. It is a messaging platform which lets users control over messages even after they are sent. This mobile application is about the concept of ephemeral messaging, which allows the users to un-send photos and texts, but also control if the recipient of the message can copy or save the content which is shared over its service, and much more.

In VaporChat, there are 2 main modes for texting, a regular mode and a vapor mode, in which the content will automatically disappear after a time frame which you specify. In both the modes users can configure if the recipient can copy and paste from the messages they get through VaporChat.

How much VaporChat was funded?

VaporChat was funded $1.5 M in Seed funding on March 11th, 2015 by Ed Wise and Social Starts.


What is next for VaporChat?

Ken Fried the founder of VaporChat said in the future versions of the app, more design features will be introduced to make chatting fun, and some proprietary features which he denied to provide more details on.

More about VaporChat

VaporChat was founded on 2013 by Ken Fried. It has its headquarters in New York, NY.

VaporChat was built with the vision to transform completely the user chats. After a lot of thinking about the mainstream chatting platforms, the company realized that there is a better way. The problem is when one sends a message; the control immediately shifts to the recipient. But with VaporChat you can control your messages before you send it and after sending it too. The unique patent pending features of this app enables you to communicate with confidence without compromise. When you have learned about all the exciting feature of the VaporChat app, you will be certain that this is app for you and you will not chant in any other way.