Waffle, a live events messaging app

waffle app

What does Waffle app Do?

Waffle is the messaging app for live events.
Experience your favourite events from global music festivals right down to your local meetup, all from the comfort of your phone.
– Capture & share amazing moments with the crowd
– Find out what’s going on at your favourite events
– Enjoy unique experiences at the most sought after events
– Meet cool people and join their experiences
– Stay updated on popular events all in one place

Why do we need Waffle app?

There wasn’t a dedicated community around the events we loved most. Companies tend to view attendees as an afterthought, making the performers the focus. On Waffle, you and the crowd are the main event.

Who is Waffle app for?

Event lovers of all kinds be it music, sports, culture, political or something else. It can be for big events like festivals or small coffee meetups.

What makes Waffle app stand out from Others?

We’ve taken a bottom up approach to events focusing on the people rather than the performers. After all, we, the attendees, are what make or break each event.

What’s Next to Waffle app?

We’re doing a private beta currently but will release to the App Store in the coming months having taken on board the user feedback we’ve received from you all 🙂

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