YouTellMe Media: An online price comparison giant


What does YouTellMe Media Do? runs an online price comparison and a product discovery portal. This portal goes by the name of Basically this site lists products from various sellers; therefore, the consumer can easily compare the prices of these products before making a purchase.

Why do we need YouTellMe Media?

With the help of YouTellMe Media Pvt. Ltd. you have the convenience to buy a product at the most competitive price which ends up saving some valuable time and money for you.  This is a huge benefit as it is free to compare these products.

Who is YouTellMe Media for?

YouTellMe Media is for everyone. Consumers want to buy a particular product at the most competitive price. empowers the consumer to decide from a no. of sellers. For every consumer, whether buying for individual needs or in bulk, this site is just the right place to check.

What makes YouTellMe Media stand out from others? is a kind of an online supermarket which entails products ranging from mobile phones to other electronic gadgets, from kitchen appliances to beauty and health products. Products are judiciously reviewed by customers who enable other users to make informed purchases.  This rating and reviewing process assist the consumers to buy exactly according to their needs and budget.

What’s Next of YouTellMe Media?

With a huge user base, YouTellMe Media has successfully raised around $100,000 from a Dutch investment firm. YouTellMe Media is currently working with more than 30 online retail companies with more than 3 million product listings on their portal.