Zapya: The fastest way to transfer large files


File transfer using Bluetooth is rapidly becoming the thing of the past. With amazing file transfer applications like Zapya, you can instantly transfer large files across devices. Zapya is one of the best file transfer apps available today and here are the reasons why.

It is incredibly fast

One of the biggest advantages of file sharing apps like Zapya is that they are incredibly fast. They make the file sharing between devices a breeze. Imagine transferring a file as big as 1 GB from one phone to another using Bluetooth. It would take almost ages to complete the transfer and if the connection breaks during the transfer process you will need to start all over again. The file transfer apps these days are really fast – nearly 50 times faster than Bluetooth. But Zapya happens to be the fastest of all. While the other apps struggle to reach a 50 times speed of Bluetooth, Zapya app has managed to reach 128. This means files as large as 2GB take only a few minutes to transfer. Isn’t this wonderful?

It is completely hassle free

Zapya uses a simple process to transfer the file and hence makes it extremely hassle free and convenient to the user. Imagine transferring the file over the mobile network. It will take a long time and will also use the data. Now think about using the PC or laptop to transfer files. You will need to connect both the devices using the USB cable to the computer and then complete the transfer process using copy/paste or cut/paste functions. This could really be inconvenient. But with Zapya, you easily sidestep such hassles. You simply need to have the devices with Zapya installed on them and they should be within the physical transfer range. You can initiate the transfer process on one of the devices by opening the Zapya app and scanning for other devices with Zapya installed. The app will detect the devices and then ask you whether you want to send the files or receive them. When you need to transfer date from PC to mobile, you can download Zapya for PC without any hassle.

It can transfer any file

It doesn’t matter what type and size of file you want to transfer; Zapya app will do it all. You can transfer large video files, office documents, presentations, images, songs, and so much more using this app. Even the large files can be transferred within a matter of few minutes. This is really good for people who want to share the files with friends.

Transfer to multiple users simultaneously

If you want to transfer the files to more than one device, you can easily do it. Zapya app allows you to connect with up to 5 devices simultaneously.

It does not use data

Imagine a situation where you want to transfer a large file to someone but there is no Wi-Fi connection and you don’t want to do it using mobile network as it will be too slow and will also cost you a lot. So what is the solution? It’s simple. You just need Zapya tool to transfer the files between the devices and not a single ‘byte’ of data will be used. Yes, you do not need Wi-Fi or data network to transfer the files.

How Zapya is better than SHAREit ?

When we discuss about Zapya, SHAREit gets the partial attention because of similar features. The app is also capable to transfer large files including all the stuffs (movies, music, documents etc.) at high speed.  ShareIT by Lenovo, makes the sharing process much easier in convenient way. Like Zapya, you can download SHAREit for PC using any Android Emulator. But, sometimes shareit generates errors and unable to transfer files properly, on the other side, Zapya gives user more compatibility while transferring files, but we would recommend you to try both apps.

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