Do HR policies and planning improve the productivity of an Organization??

Human Resources

Yes, HR policies will definitely improve the productivity of an organization.

What are HR policies and practices?

HR policies and practices are the formal rules and regulations that organizations put set up to contract, train, and also reward the individuals working in their business place. These rules when put into existence and followed in a good structure, it helps the employees to solve misunderstandings between employees and employers regarding their individual rights and responsibilities in a work place.

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It would be fancy- As an owner of a startup to concentrate on the concerns of the current business and put off the work of reviewing HR policy. Every business analyst will advise the business owners to get a strategy down on the paper, regardless of the possibility that it is a basic one drafted from a standard model.

Having the HR policies and practices documented is very important, so it is clear to all what the rules and regulations are and that they are connected reliably and decently over the team of employees. Besides, when issues concerning the employee rights and organization plans precede government and state courts, it is standard practice to accept that the organization’s HR policies, is a piece of a job contract between the worker and the organization. Without having a documented policies would make the organization off guard.


Small organizations and particularly business new startup companies cannot stand to spend more time and assets on the policy disputes. Having a human resource policy set up from the beginning, can help to evade this issues. The businessperson who takes the time to set up stable, extensive HR will be obviously better prepared to succeed as time goes on than the entrepreneur who manages every strategy choice as it produces. To help guarantee the administration policies are associated decently, entrepreneurs and experts alike prescribe that startup business deliver and keep up a written record of its HR approaches and of examples in which those policies became an integral factor.

So finally,

The essential objective of HR is to make and maintain a workforce that meets the business needs, a crucial objective for any HR office, paying little heed to the association’s size. An organization’s employee base is its most profitable asset, as per ordinary HR knowledge; subsequently, HR policies and practices are crucial in picking up a game changer in front of industry partners through enhancing an association’s most important resources.

Startups need to verify that they address the fundamental human resource issues when assembling their personal strategies:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity policies
  • Working days, paydays, and pay propels
  • Extra work time compensation
  • Break periods
  • Payroll deductions
  • Vacation policies
  • Occasions/ Holidays
  • Sick days and individual leave (for mourning, jury obligation, voting, and so forth.)
  • Performance assessments and pay increments
  • Policies for termination

There are many templates available that may be utilized to make a first HR strategy archive are accessible from numerous sources. Two such sources that are legitimate and offer data of a full scope of occupation issues are the National Human Resource Association and the Society for Human Resource Managers. Each keeps up a Web webpage with data on the administrations it gives and pointers to other legitimate administration suppliers. Those Web locales are, and

Advantages of Human Resource policies

Startups that have arranged and overhauled great work force management strategies have referred to a few vital courses in which they add to the achievement of business projects. Numerous eyewitnesses have brought up that even the best strategies will vacillate if the entrepreneurs or supervisors who are accused of overseeing those approaches are inconsiderate or rude in doing as such. Yet, for those organizations that have the capacity to manage their HR plans in a smart and steady way, advantages can gather in a few ranges:

Communication with the employees:

An elegantly composed and attentively displayed human resource plans and practices manual can build up the tone that another businessman wishes to keep up inside of his or her business. Such a kind of plan likewise serves to scattering data about what employees may anticipate from the organization and also what the boss anticipates from the workers with respect to work execution and conduct while at work.

communicationa with employees

Communication with management and bosses:

Formal planning can be useful to directors and other supervisory staff confronted with enlisting, advancement, and prize choices concerning individuals who work under them.

Time Savings:

Judicious and thorough human resource management policies can spare organizations huge measures of administration time that can then be spent on different business exercises, for example, new item advancement, focused investigation, marketing their products , and so forth.


Rolling out Improvements to the existed HR policies

Organizations normally need to make modifications to set up HR strategies all the time, as the organization develops and as the administrative and business situations in which it works advance. At the point when gone up against with the test of overhauling HR approaches, on the other hand, it is imperative for small organizations to continue cautiously.

Suppose, if an employee solicits the proprietor from a small business in the event that he may work from home, from his home one day a week, the proprietor may see the solicitation as a sensible, moderately harmless one. Yet, even minor varieties in work force strategy can have consequences that reach out a long ways past the first unmistakable parameters of the solicitation. On the off chance that the worker is conceded authorization to telecommute one day a week, will different employees request the same advantage?

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Does the employee anticipate that the business will take care of everything for any part of the working from home try buy of PC, modem, and so on? Do clients or sellers depend on the employees (or workers) to be in the workplace five days a week? Do different employees need that laborer to be in the workplace to answer questions? Is the way of the worker’s workload such that he can take significant work home? Can you actualize the working from home variety on a trial premise?


Startup company owners need to perceive that adjustments in HR approach can possibly affect, in somehow, every individual in the organization, including the proprietor. Proposed changes ought to be analyzed carefully and in interview with others in the association who may perceive potential pitfalls those different administrators, or the owner himself, may have neglected to identify. When an adjustment in arrangement is made, it ought to be dispersed broadly and successfully so that everybody inside of the business is working from the same human resource strategies at every time.