Tips to make your employees stay for long time


Do you think your employees are happy working for your company? Most of the employees feel that moving higher is moving on, so how can you make your best skilled employees stick with your company for a long time is the question here…

“People may take a job for more money but they often leave it for more recognition”

                                                                                                               –Bob Nelson

employee leaving job

The recent survey done by Jobvite,  a recruiting software provider, it was found that now days every individual employee (even the satisfied employee) plans to move on to other companies. The reason to move on might be, Interest in learning new things, to gain more and more skills, earn more and more money. These are the motivations for every employee to look for another employee.

Companies should know the basic needs of their employees and provide them as per their requirements.

Below are the five tips to connect and hold with your best employees and make them stay for long time:

1.Think your company like a College:

The CEO’s and HR’s should view their company like a college or a university, where employees are treated as students.  Your attitude towards them can give long haul advantages. In college, every year the management needs to enroll the new class, as the previous class is going to graduate and will leave the college. Few students may stay for long period, but at last they are going to graduate and leave on one day.

The most important thing colleges give their students is the education. Companies need to hold that same thinking and consider how they are adding values to their employee’s professional development.

By grasping this mindset, organizations should procure advantages if representatives take off. Companies should train their employees in every platform they need to get trained, which makes their future life fearless.

2.Provide different ways for career growth:

With a school outlook, it’s essential that CEOs and business people offer various types of learning chances to the employees. In the Jobvite review provided, 35% of individuals pick the companies in view of their career development. There are three sorts of chances a company could offer. In the first place, distinguish ways workers can become inside they could call their own occupation: In Digital Marketing, for instance, spend more money to improve the employee technical skills by providing the latest technologies. When they are experimenting with new channels, they will be gaining from the analysis.


This could return them in a different way to make them organize the various ways to learn that could make it the way your Employee last longer at your company.

“Workers will regularly stay where there is the possibility to take in the most.”

Growth in professional skills is through learning every new platform evolving. For instance, in a startup company can give a better chance to their employees to deal with tasks crosswise over divisions that extend their knowledge in all roles. At long last, provide your employees with an opportunity to lead. Whereas in big multinational companies, this sort of development is less demanding to give, yet in small companies driving others in a task is a type of administration. This makes your employees grow their professional skills and likewise you can improve your company.

Employees will definitely stay for longer period where there is the possibility to take in the most they need. On the off chance that you can offer more skill development to your current working employees, you definitely make your employees work for you for longer period.

3.Offer competitive wages

You can anticipate that your competitors in the market will offer higher compensations to charm your best skilled employees out of your company, and 61% of workers say pay is the absolute most essential reason in choosing to leave their present place of employment, as indicated by the Jobvite review.


Verify that you are not paying them beneath 50% for their expected salary and also the responsibilities. If you have any important employee who is the key role of your company, provide him the best salary to pull in and hold them.

“Treat Employees like they make a difference. And they will”

                                                                    –Jim Goodnight

 4.Find where your employees want to locate

Forty-two percent of employees say location is essential to their employment satisfaction, which implies companies ought to consider office space in the spots where their employees need to live. They need to live and work close companions, working nearer to their stay can make them feel relax and work without any tension of travelling long way.


5.Try not to Underestimate Work or Life Balance

The most important thing, offer your employees a choice to telecommute. 38% of employers consider work/life equalization when choosing to stay with an organization. Telecommuting is an appealing thought for the employees, particularly in the event that they have employments that include an individual commitment rather than customary joint effort with others every day.

underestimate work

6.Show and strengthen the trust

The most ideal path for you to hold your qualified employees is to give them the sufficient time to complete their daily tasks all alone. Train your staff to expect obligation by giving them a structure that they can arrange themselves. You also should give them chance to participate in every business meetings and motivate them. Doing this you can make your employees respect your company and stay longer serving for your company improvement.

trust employees

7.Praise and reward employees for every success

A standout among the best techniques for making your employees to work longer is the open recognition and real praise.  Praising can be done either in a meeting or in a public email. A basic thank you in normal life is likewise powerful. This makes your employees feel esteemed, and they readily stay with the company. Whether it is a money related prize or a new project, you have to discover what your staff need, in order to tie up every employee with the company. 


8.Challenge and empower  

Private advancement is generally the most obvious need, especially for skilled and very qualified employees. Hold the employees more with alternatives for advancement than with extra installments and pay increments. Long lasting adapting as further instruction and free space for said learning will tie your employees to the company. You can give them difficult tasks, which make them work hard and learn more and in return gain profits to your company.