Must-Include Things for Android App Development

Android app development is becoming very popular day by day as the craze for the android smart phones and android apps is increasing. Therefore, the android app developers must do everything necessary to make the apps appealable to the users. So, if you are developing an android app then you must try to include the following things in the app.

  1. Gesture controlling features– the camera in the android smart phones is encouraging the users to become photographers. As they do not have to invest a lot in expensive digital cameras, most of the smart phone users love clicking pictures with their smart phone cameras. Along with the secondary cameras in the front, the Android devices come with infrared gun on the front panel. This camera will enable the users to control the mobile apps by swiping, turning and stretching the device. Therefore, the app developers must design new apps with gesture controlling features for optimizing user experience.
  2. HTML 5– many app development companies launch different version of the same mobile app to target different mobile Oss. For example, an app will become more popular if it is compatible with all the major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows etc. This will save the developers a lot of time and money using technologies which are compatible with each mobile OS. Most of the Android apps are designed with HTML 5 to avail many advantages such as hassle free porting. HTML 5 will optimize the android app to meet the latest tech trends.
  3. Animation– when the user first lays a look on an app in the app store, he/she will notice the looks and the feel of the app. Many users will even download the app by just looking at the screenshots. Therefore, along with the features and performance of the app, the app developers must concentrate on the optimization of the app’s look and feel. If the user finds an app dull without any animation effect, then he will not even look at it. Therefore, app developers have to include loads of animation effects, which should attract the users and also optimize the user experience.
  4. Mobile payment– mobile phones are not just for having fun and gaming, they are also helpful in conducting money transactions. An increasing number of users are doing money transactions through mobile apps. The increasing popularity of the payment apps have made these popularly known as mobile wallet. But as money transactions need to be dealt in a safe and secure way, the apps have to be secure enough to convince the users that their financial data will not be stolen or misused. Therefore, developers have to develop mobile money apps which ensure that money is received or transferred in just a few minutes.
  5. Cloud computing– Cloud computing has become so popular in the recent years among individuals and enterprises. Cloud computing is meeting the latest trends in communication technologies. This innovative technology has encouraged many users to store their data in Clouds. Therefore, app developers must consider developing android apps with cloud compatibility.