Why Is Android App Development Dominating The Mobile Market?

android app

The rapidly growing smart phone usage has resulted in the surge in mobile app development. The increase in the android share in the smart phone market is encouraging the enterprises and developers to build mobile apps by targeting Android with a large market share to get high returns. There are many factors which contribute to the increase in the android app development, some of these are listed below.


Wide distribution channels- unlike its competitor Apple, Google does not exert any control over the mobile app distribution. Therefore, the process of getting mobile apps becomes more versatile and open. App development companies can distribute the Android apps through subsidiary distribution channels too. Furthermore, businesses can decide which is the most appropriate way to publish their Android apps.


Open source– unlike Windows and iOS, Android is a free and open source. Therefore, it has less barriers which encourages the app developers and companies to invest in Android apps development. This nature also reduces the development costs and tools and licensing costs too. Small app development companies and freelance app developers can benefit from this as only a small amount of money needs to be invested in developing apps.

Development is easy– the app developer needs to be familiar with Java programming to develop apps for Android. As Java is accessible to developers globally, it becomes easy for companies to hire experienced developers. The Android platform documentation makes it easy for Java programmers to develop mobile apps so developers just have to use their existing programming skills in Java to develop an app, this reduces the development time and the process is made versatile.

Good inter-platform integration– When users like multiple program’s which allow them to find better usability, you have to make mobile apps which can be easily integrated to other apps that are already available with the user. Android apps are perfect for inter app integration. Users do not need any other additional software download to run the apps in their smart phones.

Low development costs- As android apps are built in open source a mobile app developer can easily download and customize according to his need with a small cost. In these low economic times when companies are preferring cost cutting techniques, less expensive software licenses, low project development costs etc, android looks like a potential way out. You have to just tweak the open source apps available and you will have yourself developed a new android app which you can show off. Even if you have no idea about coding and programming then you must hire an android app developer for a reasonable price. All you need to pay for is for the app development and a app testing.

High ROI– Many companies prefer Android apps to get higher returns. As Android is an opens source platform, app developers do not need an heavy licensing fees and royalty.  The reduced cost of development results in high ROI and the app can be marketed by targeting the huge Android users base and a lot of profit can be earned without much investment.