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Top 16 ideas for home based business

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What is Zano for? ZANO is an ultra-portable and a highly sophisticated drone that is highly functional and usable in case of aerial photography and video recording.  It is small enough to fit in your palm. ZANO uses your phone’s Wi-Fi connection and is otherwise astute enough to fly all by itself as well. ZANO …

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What is Hush for? Hush is a wireless sound or noise restraining earplugs that can practically block out the noisy disturbances of the world whilst still letting important things being completely audible. It is a small device which can let you experience quietness and silence according to your own discretion. It fits real well in …

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What is Plan V for? Plan V is an ultralight and a really small device for smartphones. Even though it has a small size, once you attach a 9 volt battery to it, it is easily capable of sufficiently charging your phone in case of an emergency.  Your phone running out of battery when you …

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Petzi connect

What is Petzi Connect for? Petzi is a must have device for all the pet owners around the globe as it lets you instantly connect with your pet whenever you’re out of your home.  With the help of petzi you can hear and see your pet even if you’re far away from home and …

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What is Everykey for? Everykey is like a master key. True to its name, it is the key to open up all the passwords. It is groundbreaking device to unlock all types of device that are restricted by a password or a code. All the electronic devices smartphones, laptops or desktop computers are usually protected …

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Furniture Online- Buy Furniture Online in India - Furniture Online Shopping Store - Urban Ladder

What does Urban Ladder Home Decor Solutions Do? Urban Ladder Home Décor Solutions owns and operates an online portal which goes by the name of This online portal caters to all the accessories used for decorating a house or even an office. It has a huge collection of chairs, tables, sofa or beds. You …

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Online Diamond Jewellery Store India, Buy Designer Diamond Jewelry

What does Bodhi Brands Do? is an online portal owned by Bodhi Brand Pvt. Ltd. offering a wide range of custom and designer jewelries for all types of occasions. It displays jewelries of myriads of types and has all the latest trends according to the demands of the customers. Why do we need Bodhi …

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Find a good doctor, get a confirmed appointment in Bangalore - Qikwell

What does Qikwell Technologies Do? Qikwell technologies is a Bangalore based company with an aim to spread vital info of the healthcare regime in India. Its basic function is to equip the consumer with detailed info regarding the list of Doctors along with their profiles. They also assist consumers in booking appointments with qualified Doctors …

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Locon Solutions

What does Locon Solutions do? Locon is the owner of a map based real estate search portal which goes by the name of This portal shows valuable info regarding nearby restaurants, schools or grocery stores on the website. Why do we need Locon Solutions? Locon Solutions lets you know about various aspects …

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Big Data & Analytics domain specific Solutions - Aureus

What does Aureus Analytics Do? is a non-government company engaged in rendering data analytic solutions. Its core functionality constitutes of providing data analytic services along with big data management services. It also specialises in providing predictive analysis services to insurance and healthcare sectors. Why do we need Aureus Analytics? It provides an excellent solution …

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